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Jackson Hole Mountain Guides – Guest Guide Opporunities

CONTACT:       Rob Hess, Chief Guide
Jackson Hole Mountain Guides

As an AMGA accredited guide service and advocate of training and certification for mountain guides, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides has long offered independent guides access to many of its permit areas through a guest guide program. Many certified guides have in fact taken advantage of this program.

We would like to take this opportunity to announce to the AMGA community an expansion of our guest guide program. The areas offered through this program are the Red Rock in Las Vegas, the Greater Moab area (Moab and Monticello districts of the BLM) and the Front Range around Boulder, including Eldorado Canyon State Park, Flatirons and Boulder Canyon. Administrative fees for access to this program range from $35 for single use to $250 for annual access to all areas open to guest guiding.

This opportunity is available only to AMGA-certified rock guides (or IFMGA-level guides).  Guides wishing to work through JHMG’s guest guide program should submit a letter of interest along with a climbing resume, copy of current first aid and CPR cards, and a copy of the guide’s AMGA certification card to Rob Hess at the email address shown above. Guides whose applications have been approved will receive a written acknowledgement and additional information about the program.

Because the areas available under this guest guide program do not allow guest guides to work on a subcontracting basis, all guest guides will work as employees of Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, and will therefore be covered by JHMG’s general liability insurance and workers compensation policies.

In the past, guest guides received JHMG’s standard wages and clients paid standard, advertised prices. We have modified this policy to allow you to: 1) charge your client any mutually agreed upon price provided it is not less than the standard JHMG price; and 2) keep a greater portion of the revenue collected from your client, up to 60% of gross, minus individual payroll taxes. We can offer this larger share of revenues only if the majority of client interactions are handled by the guest guide.

The 40% of revenue retained by JHMG defrays the cost of liability insurance, land use fees, and JHMG’s portion of payroll, workers compensation, and social security taxes, leaving a modest profit to JHMG.

Among other things, participation in the guest guide program requires that:

  • Guides must be AMGA certified in the rock discipline, at a minimum.
  • Guides are required to work under the terrain guidelines of the discipline as defined by the AMGA.
  • Guides are held to the Code of Ethics, Profession Compliance Guidelines and Continual Professional Development guidelines as defined by the AMGA.


Exum Mountain Guides – Guest Guide Opportunities
The AMGA is excited to announce that we will be working with Exum Mountain Guides this summer to offer you the opportunity to work as a guest guide in Grand Teton National Park!

The Tetons provide some of the most accessible and diverse climbing in the North America. One of its premier climbs is, naturally, the Grand Teton (13,770 ft), a remarkable ascent via many outstanding routes that all providing an exhilarating day in the mountains. While the Grand Teton is the most famous peak in the region, the range also offers dozens of other climbs that are both famous and challenging, all in a beautiful and dramatic landscape.

The AMGA is proud to work with Exum Mountain Guides in this capacity, and Exum is proud to offer AMGA guides this opportunity. To apply to be a guest guide at Exum you must be an AMGA Certified Alpine Guide. Click Here to find out how to apply.

Alpine World Ascents is Hiring
Alpine World Ascents (Boulder, CO) is hiring experienced AIARE L1 & L2 avalanche instructors and course leaders. Part or Full Time. AMGA ski and/or IFMGA certification preferred. Prior [avalanche course] teaching experience is a prerequisite. Interested persons send their resume to Markus Beck .